Contributing Guideline

How to fix article?

  1. Fix some thing in the
  2. Create a pull request :)


  1. Visit a page to fix.
  2. Click “Edit on GitHub” link.
  3. Fix it and Commit it
  4. Create a pull request :)

Edit on github

How to post News?

  1. Create a new file in _posts/<year>
  2. File name should be <year>-<month>-<day>-<title>.md
  3. Copy the contents of into the file.
  4. Fill as many values.(meta data only)
  5. Create a pull request from the online editor, or if you’re using git from the command line follow the usual steps for making a pull request.
Property Required Description
title page’s title
item-url page’s URL
description Short descriptive summary in a few sentence
related   related page list
tags   tag list

Preview ECMAScript Daily Locally

This site is built using jekyll. To preview on your local machine, clone this repository and run

git clone
# if you not installed bundle, please do `gem install bundle`
bundle install
bundle exec jekyll serve
# open