Created: 23 March 2017

Status: as of 2017-03-23

Status Name Description Recent Changes
NaN Typed Objects > All top-level names are defined in a typed objects module. See also Typed Objects Explainer Out of date. :link:Typed Objects information in proposal table is out of date · Issue #223 · tc39/ecma262
NaN SoundScript > We want to try implementing an optional type system for JavaScript, directly in the VM. V8 will remove support for strong mode. :link: An update on strong mode
NaN Type and Type Annotations > Reserve syntax used by TypeScript, Flow, etc. for some form of annotation by Jonathan Turner Jonathan Turner leave Microsoft. :link: Off to new adventures
NaN Optional Static Typing @sirisian’s proposal Out of date?

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Status: NaN is not official verbiage.

TC39 list up Withdrawn Proposals.

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